Lovingly handmade, raw, all-natural dehydrated dog treats.

Made with no preservatives, colours, hormones or steroids.

Brooke's buddy bites are dehydrated treats, that are locally handmade in Richmond BC. There are four varieties available, sweet potato,chicken tender, chicken liver and beef liver and all of the varieties are available with or without parsley. Each variety has been selected because of its high nutrient value, health benefits, and bold flavour.

Where do Brooke's buddy bites come from?


no hormones

All of our meat is raised without the use of hormones or steroids, and dehydrated at low temperatures to maximize their nutrient value.


Our sweet potatoes and parsley are sourced out locally when possible, handpicked, fresh and always of premium quality.

the best cuts

We take pride in providing the finest cuts of human grade beef and poultry from western Canadian farms, located in the British Columbia Fraser Valley and Alberta

Feeding guidelines


Brooke's buddy bites are a great healthy treat, and good as a training aid alongside a balanced diet. The portion size may be adjusted to the appropriate size of your dog.

The feeding guideline for a raw food diet is 2-3% of their bodyweight per day.

2.5kg/5.5 lbs

10kg/22 lbs

20kg / 44 lbs





Treat your dog's health

SWEET POTATO   Hypoallergenic, Source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C


Hypoallergenic, Source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C

BEEF LIVER   High in protein and vitamin A


High in protein and vitamin A

CHICKEN TENDER   High in protein and low in fat


High in protein and low in fat

CHICKEN LIVER    High in protein and vitamin A


High in protein and vitamin A

Invest in a healthier future for your dog by feeding your dog a premium diet that is nutritionally beneficial. By feeding your dog a premium diet, you are taking preventative measures against future ailments and sensitivities. A premium diet may lead to saving money on pet bills and medications in the long run.

Why Raw is better


Dog owners who feed a raw diet to their dogs report that:

  1.  Teeth are whiter and stronger
  2.  Skin and coat become healthier and shiner
  3.  Bad breath and odor are minimized or disappear completely
  4.  Allergies are no longer present
  5.  Better metabolism, weight lost or gained
  6.  Overall stronger immune system
  7.  Stool is less in quantity and odor

Find us at local BC Farmers Markets


Brooke's buddy bites are currently only available for purchase at farmers markets due to the small batch and handmade nature of our product. Personal orders may be placed by email to brooke@brookesbuddybites.com and mailed to your door for an additional fee.

Portobello West Christmas Market - Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm

Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way (In Olympic Village), Vancouver, BC

November - 26th & 27th


Burnaby Artisan Farmers Market - 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

River District Farmers Market - Kerr Street Plaza - 8683 Kerr Street, S. Vancouver, BC

Ladner Village Market - 5028A 48th Avenue (in Ladner Village), Ladner, BC

Metro Vancouver Garlic Festival - 2771 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC


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